Seasonal Brews ...

Honey Brown Ale - April - November

ibu 24     ALC. 6%      og 14.4

Pioneer Valley Bear Country Radio of Greenfield, MA craved a Lefty’s brew all their own. We created the perfect beer for their bear, a Honey Brown Ale! Featuring just the right amount of local honey and a variety of roasted malts, this easy drinking ale goes down smoothly with a clean and satisfying finish. All the brown bears will come running for this touch of liquid gold, because Pioneer Valley’s Country is Bear Country!                                                                                                    Honey sourced from Warm Colors Apiary in South Deerfield, MA

Oktoberfest - September - November

ibu 29     ALC. 6%      og 14.8

Lefty uses the finest German ingredients to craft this tasty seasonal favorite.  In this Marzen style Oktoberfest, eight different German malts are used to create a melody of flavor that starts off creamy with notes of biscuit and caramel. The light touch of hops adds a crisp and fresh aroma with a hint of bitterness which blends in perfectly, creating a well rounded Oktoberfest that you’ll want to share with friends.  Prost!

Big Brekkie  Breakfast Stout -  November - April           ibu 36   ALC. 8.5%   og 18.4

 Lefty’s Big Brekkie packs in a quintet of delicious ingredients woven together to amuse the taste buds.  Locally roasted coffee and local maple syrup add the necessary touch of a traditional New England breakfast.  We include flaked oats for extra creaminess and cocoa nibs for a natural, chocolaty sweetness that lures you in from the aroma to the end of your pint.  We had to top it off with bacon, our favorite food, for the ultimate breakfast brew. 

Suggested pairings: a great steak; warm chocolate chip cookies; perfectly cooked bacon strips topped with maple syrup.                                                                                                           Coffee Source: Hadley, Ma

                                                                                               Maple Sourse: Mt. Massaemet Sugar Shack - Shelburne Falls, MA

Maple Ale -November - April

ibu 25     ALC. 8.2%      og 19.8

The tempting aroma invites you to delve deeply into your glass revealing a creamy body and enticing amber hues. Local maple syrup creates a distinct and familiar natural sweetness which complements the variety of malts in this brew.

Suggested pairings:   vanilla ice cream with caramel;   Sauteed onions and pork;  Favorite bread recipe

                                                                                                                                Duke celebrates the sugaring season with you!

Local maple syrup: Mount Massaemet Sugar House -Shelburne Falls, MA

Maple Oatmeal Stout- November - April

ibu  33     ALC. 10%    og 21

Local maple syrup and oats create a hearty aroma that reminds you of breakfast at grandma’s house. Your first sip reveals a perfect amount of sweetness shared with a touch of roasted malts that linger to the finish.

Suggested pairings: Chicken with lentils and roasted apple;   favorite bread recipe;   pecan pie or oatmeal cookies                                                                                                                Duke celebrates the sugaring season with you!

Local maple syrup: Mount Massaemet Sugar House -Shelburne Falls, MA