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    We want to thank everyone for all your patronage, friendship, and love for Lefty’s! We have experienced an amazing journey this past decade that has left a stamp on our hearts forever. We started Lefty’s Brewing Company in a small space in Bernardston in 2010, and moved to Greenfield in 2011 for increased space. Distributing from our tiny town eventually lead to spreading our wings across the entire state of Massachusetts due to high demand and word of mouth from all our favorite fans. We were so blessed to be supported and shared, even receiving requests for our brew nationwide. We achieved more than we thought we ever could.

     Working with so many amazing local purveyors was an outstanding experience. Being so local to quality resources made us feel lucky to be in western MA. From honey and maple syrup, roasted coffee, hops, and grains…. Western MA has it all. Our creativity had no bounds with territory like this, and we felt excited year after year to constantly immerse ourselves in what our area offers.

    We want to thank you for the years of success you have brought our brand, which became a regular name in many households across the state. You voted for us to win a variety of community awards year after year, and always let us know your appreciation for our beer by writing us amazing notes and emails when you were enjoying your favorite Lefty’s brew. That meant the world to us. It always will. Bringing a smile to your face was always our number one goal. And we feel we achieved that.

   Some of our favorite moments were at our giant brew fests watching thousands of people smiling, laughing, playing, and having tons of fun with each other. Creating special moments within the community brought us so much joy. We are forever thankful for these amazing experiences and are grateful for all of you who were a part of it, especially our community of volunteers & employees who were the glue that helped hold it all together. We’d also like to thank all the local businesses & breweries we’ve collaborated with over the years, along with the countless locations that served and sold our brews.  We’ve had an incredibly fun time working with you all, creating memorable products & exciting experiences that we’ve all enjoyed over the years! Thank you all for making Lefty’s Brewing Company what it was...a place where we all came together to enjoy something that was created and fostered with so much love.

    We are so sorry to say goodbye, but we must. We do hope you respect our privacy at this time, but have no worries. We are very much looking forward to what’s to come for our family. Melissa has also been experiencing health issues that encouraged our decision to take life by the bullhorns and live to the fullest.  We are moving on to even more amazing things and entering a whole new chapter in this giant book that we call our lives. As you know, we always set our sights high and chase our dreams. Life is short, and there are many things to achieve, and we know there are many more chapters to come for us.

Lefty’s Brewing was incredibly successful, always growing, and very much supported by the community, and we feel so incredibly proud of that status and are beyond happy to leave it on that positive note. It warms our hearts and minds to know you truly loved our brews and brand style. Our consistent success was because of your support and we will never forget that. We feel so lucky to be part of such an amazing community that strongly supported us from the beginning.  Thank you for being part of this dream of Lefty’s Brewing that came to fruition and put an awesome stamp on the world for many years, and an even bigger stamp on our hearts. It was amazing!! Thank you all so much for this incredible journey and the most exciting chapter of our lives so far.





                                             Bill & Melissa Goldfarb

                                                         Lefty’s Brewing Company


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