English Porter
ALC.  6% 
IBU   19  
OG    15
On Hiatus

Available Sizes: (Unavailable - On Hiatus)

bottles      -  22oz

kegs            -  1/6,  1/4,  1/2 bbl

growlers (brewery only) - 32oz,  64oz

Lefty’s English Style Porter is exceptionally smooth luring you in with a roasty and subtly sweet aroma that lingers until there is nothing left in your glass. Hints of toasted nuts and caramel combined with a smooth finish keep you coming back for more.

Decorating the label is Calvin, a portly English Bulldog, a perfect mascot for this brew. He and his entire family are enthusiastic Lefty’s fans!




Suggested Pairings:
    Porter Beer Bread
    Keilbasa & 'kraut sauteed in Porter

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