Fuzzy  I.P.A.
ALC.  6.5% 
IBU   60  
OG    15.4
Year Round

Available Sizes:

Cans          -   16 oz.

Kegs            -  1/6,  1/4,  1/2 bbl

Growlers (brewery only) - 32 oz.,  64 oz.

Crowlers (brewery only) - 32 oz.

Feelin’ Fuzzy? Grab a can and dive into our New England style IPA and find out what makes us feel all fuzzy inside. Hazy in appearance and loaded with Citra and Mosaic hops, you’ll be sure to catch some sweet and fruity fuzzy aromatics as you take a whiff. Off the nose comes a pile of stone fruit and citrus rind, hitting you with the urge to take a sip. You’ll notice a fuzzy forward melody of  juicy citrus, mango, & peach with a silky smooth body and a creamy mouthfeel. Gather with friends and munchies and get fuzzy.​

Suggested Pairings:
    Prociutto Wrapped Melon Balls
    Cajun Shrimp & Rice
    Key Lime Pie

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