Honey Brown Ale
ALC.  6% 
IBU   18  
OG    14.4
Year Round

Available Sizes:

Cans          -   12 oz.

Bottles      -  22 oz.

Kegs            -  1/6,  1/4,  1/2 bbl

Growlers (brewery only) - 32 oz.,  64 oz.

Crowlers (brewery only) - 32 oz.

Pioneer Valley Bear Country Radio of Greenfield, MA craved a Lefty’s brew all their own. We created the perfect beer for their bear, a Honey Brown Ale! Featuring just the right amount of local honey and a variety of roasted malts, this easy drinking ale goes down smoothly with a clean and satisfying finish. All the brown bears will come running for this touch of liquid gold, because Pioneer Valley’s Country is Bear Country!     




Suggested Pairings:
    Warm Croissants
    Thai Beef Burrito
    Black Bottom Honey Pie

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