Wedding Daze Imperial Stout
ALC.  12% 
IBU   30  
OG    26
Year Round

Available Sizes:

Cans          -   16 oz.

Bottles      -  22 oz.

Kegs            -  1/6,  1/4,  1/2 bbl

Growlers (brewery only) - 32 oz.,  64 oz.

Crowlers (brewery only) - 32 oz.

Lefty & Melissa got married on the top of a magical hill that was adorned with Lefty’s beers. They brewed their favorite style, an Imperial Stout for their special day. Everyone drank this love potion in celebration and danced, sang, and laughed the night away. All were in a delightful daze into the wee hours of the morning. Some rolled down that magical hill, while others clung to the tap that poured the delicious nectar of the wedding gods. Some things are just too good to let go of…and that’s the way Bill and Melissa think of each other. We hope you enjoy this beer made with love.

Suggested Pairings:
    Braised Beef Ravioli
    Filet Mignon with Bourbon Cream Sauce & Caramalized Onions
    Salted Caramel Custard

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