Wet On Wells Street Ale
ALC.  4.5% 
IBU   60  
OG    11

Available Sizes:

Cans          -   12 oz.

Bottles      -  22 oz.

Kegs            -  1/6,  1/4,  1/2 bbl

Growlers (brewery only) - 32 oz.,  64 oz.

Crowlers (brewery only) - 32 oz.

September - October

Grown by brewers, harvested by brewers, brewed by, well… brewers.

We grew & harvested hops directly at our brewery, so this beer was dubbed ‘Wet on Wells Street’ due to our location! This easy drinking ale is a smooth sipper, and boasts freshness in every sip. This wet hop ale is light in color and in body, & is a refreshing late summer favorite during hop harvest season.  

Hops grown & Harvested at

Lefty's Brewing Company

Suggested Pairings:
    Cheddar Broccoli Soup
    Grilled Cheese with Tomato & Bacon
    Blueberry Pie

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